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It took 55 minutes to be able to vote for Carly Rose for the X-Factor finals by phone. No busy signal -- nothing -- just dead lines on both of her extensions.

How is she supposed to win? This is how Mario Lopez lost on Dancig With the Stars. At the time of calling for voting, one could not get through and only got a busy signal. How unfortunate.

I hope this is not another rigging method. $5 million is at stake for Carly.

It is not that the others doo not deserve to win but the one with the most votes is supposed to win. No another contestant by default.

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OMG, just b/c you want her to win does not mean that they are rigging the vote. Since you've been following the show, you obviously know she did not place #1 every week. And how do you know the other lines weren't the same way?

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