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Me and a few people were watching a FOX news program (his tapes were being played on other news programs) and I was appalled when they played some tapes of Alec Baldwin's vicious outbursts and even the one from 2007 when he was verbally abusing his OWN daughter during a custody dispute. No need for that.

There were several other tapes played with Mr. Baldwin having the same bad attitude. No network should be allowed to give this guy any attention until he cleans up his act and gets into some anger management and or some other program that can help him get his act together.

His behavior is unacceptable and we all need to quit giving him any attention until he is willing to change his ways.

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Hartfield, Virginia, United States #745395

First things first. Why on Gods earth were you watching FOX news with friends?

If you do choose to listen to that mindless dribble you should watch it alone in a private place so nobody knows. Kinda like *** without any pleasure at all.

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